Tedious checkout processes

The first steps of the online checkout process set the tone for the entire checkout experience. This is where merchants have the chance to demonstrate how user-friendly their site is. However, this is where most customers abandon the purchase process regardless of the item they are trying to buy, or its price.

This is due to the fact that most online checkout processes are difficult and time-consuming. Multi-page registrations coupled with the need to accurately enter mandatory fields of information such as addresses, credit card details and product options can cause much frustration and lead to the abandonment of the sale. So much so, that approximately 70% of customers will eventually leave during checkout without completing their order.


Only one field to fill out

By providing customers with our unique tools to speed up and simplify the checkout process, we can significantly lower the abandon rate and make sure customers have a more relaxed online shopping experience. Our single field checkout system makes completing your order a breeze and much less intimidating. One field to fill out and your order is complete.


Duplicate/unrecognized charges

Making purchases on multiple websites is a common situation among online shoppers today. Customers can easily lose track of how many orders they placed and won’t notice if they have multiple charges on their credit card statement. Unlike face-to-face transactions, in e-commerce it is sometimes difficult to recognize charges when reviewing credit card statements. Descriptors can be misleading and don’t always match companies' names. Many times customers are left wondering if they were the ones who really placed their order.


Total transparency

All purchases made through Paylix require a personalized verification process that includes fingerprint scanners, face recognition and security codes (our S.F.R.I Technologies) that ensure all transactions initiated by customers are authentic. No need to wait for authorization responses that can leave customers confused! Instead of having to monitor each order from the site it was placed, customers can have total transparency and see all their transactions through the Paylix App.


Credit card protection

When customers decide to pay online using their credit card, they are establishing a relationship that gives the website access to sensitive information such as their personal info as well as credit card details. This information is passed along, processed and held by many different parties, and despite the good intentions of most e-commerce merchants many times this personal information is compromised. When customers put their trust in multiple websites the risk is greatly increased.


Privacy at the highest level

Keep your credit card information private by using Paylix! All your information is stored with just one company, meaning that you can shop confidently without thinking about anyone accessing your info and credit card with harmful and malicious intents. When customers don’t have to worry about security they can focus on their shopping experience and enjoy it to the fullest.

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