As the popularity of online shopping grows, so does the risk of compromising sensitive data, making an increase in the number of complaints vis-à-vis online fraud. Hundreds of millions of dollars each year are paid back as refunds to dissatisfied consumers, causing an ever-growing problem in the online shopping industry. In an effort to fight fraud and data theft, banks are forced to issue strict requirements when working with merchants. This also limits the number of merchants with whom banks can do business.


Our S.F.R.I Technologies

By personalizing the verification process and increasing safety through the use of our Secure Fingerprint and face Recognition Identification (S.F.R.I) Technologies, PAYLIX can significantly lower the amount of online scamming. This will result in banks being able to approve the identity of merchants – who offer our verification process – much more quickly. Today even low- and mid-range smartphones have the technology making it accessible for most online shoppers. Retailers are responding positively towards our cutting-edge technology of facial recognition and fingerprint scanners, especially since it offers so many remarkable benefits for all parties involved.


Security and Privacy

When asking online customers what worries them most, security and privacy remain the main topics of concern. Without ensuring a secure e-commerce environment, it is almost impossible to gain confidence and trust for all parties involved. Security requires a lot of technical expertise and offers the opportunity for banks to work together with e-commerce companies to find a better way of doing business.


Increasing user security

Our security solutions give the banks what they want: peace of mind. By increasing user security with our revolutionary verification process, we help ensure that customers' data stays safe and protected. Customers will feel more comfortable making online purchases and as a result, will return for additional purchases in the future. A safer, more secure way of doing business means that everybody wins.


Identity theft

Over the years there have been many different ways that companies have tried to reduce the risks of identity theft. Unfortunately, most of these attempts have failed as they do not take into account the root of the problem, which is – that most security measures are just not advanced enough to handle this threat.

Properly protecting customers' information is not only essential to guarantee secure e-commerce, but it also offers the possibility of extending its uses and services. If there are customers who go through the unfortunate experience of having their identity stolen it will tarnish the way they look at online shopping. Therefore, these consumers will most likely be hesitant to make online purchases in the future unless they know a significant improvement has been made in keeping their information safe.


Keeping it genuine

Our solution is simple. It requires a genuine verification process that ensures that the account owner is the one actually making the purchase. Using our revolutionary safety tools will ensure a secure online buying experience, raise order volumes and improve the relationship between merchants, customers and banks.

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