High abandonment rate

Studies show that the majority of customers who browse a site will end up not completing their order – and abandon their cart at payment stage. Many customers browse for the sake of browsing and are not ready to buy. Moreover, long and exhausting checkout processes containing too many steps and form fields are the main reason for customers' errors, confusion, frustration and eventual abandonment of the purchase procedure. However, if you focus only on usability issues there are a few checkout optimization solutions that can really make a difference.


Fast & easy checkout process

A successful website creates an experience for its customers. At Paylix we want to implement this idea and allow customers to have a simplified, reliable checkout process which requires them to fill out only one field. Just one field means that a checkout process that can reach up to a few minutes is much shorter now and won't take more than a few seconds, max! 



If customers don’t trust you, they will not complete the sale - and it’s as simple as that! This is a common problem with many unknown sites. When customers visit sites they have never purchased from they will be more cautious when required to enter their details. Everyone has heard stories about identity and information fraud, and some might even know someone whose identity was stolen and might think twice before completing their order.


Safety & reliability at their best

We provide a safe and reliable checkout system where customers only need to provide their information once. Their data is held securely by one company having the best security platforms, instead of multiple sites – giving merchants the opportunity to enjoy headache-free transactions which evidently strengthen the relationship between them, their customers and banks. Higher levels of trust and improved safety mean a rise in legitimate sales, which, in turn, will keep merchants' money in their pockets.



Chargebacks and refunds due to online fraud are costing the e-commerce industry billions of dollars each year. All online transactions are considered CNP (Card No Present) transactions - where the cardholder is not present at the time of the transaction, making this type of purchase more open to fraud. Online stores also conduct phone orders where customers provide their credit card details over the phone to complete their order. This form of payment can be risky as the customer’s payment details are completely exposed. There has to be a better way of doing business!


A variety of personalized verification tools

PAYLIX offers merchants a more profitable future by using a wide range of verification tools that help ensure online purchases are legitimate and safe. Each customer has the option to see their entire purchase history as well as enjoy a state-of-the-art personalized verification process which is required to complete a transaction. Customers won’t issue chargebacks for fraud-related reasons and, as a result, the number of lost transactions will be significantly lower.

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