LIX Coin, the future of online payments

In a sea of digital currencies, the only ones that will succeed will be the companies that bring something new to the table.

PAYLIX will be the go-to digital currency which will reshape the e-commerce industry by offering something unique such as attractive incentives for both customers and sellers.

Our single field checkout solution creates a natural synergy between the customer and the seller, so using our currency for purchases will be the logical and economical solution resulting in a win-win for both sides.

A new way to pay

The world of digital currencies is paving a path for the future of e-commerce, revolutionizing the way that consumers choose to spend their money.

Unlike other online currencies that claim to be the next trendsetters in this field, PAYLIX methodically brings customers and sellers together in a simplified and transparent way.

Our single field checkout has created an innovative means of improving the online shopping experience, as we now offer a quick and easy payment solution. This is largely because one of the biggest issues customers and retailers face today is security. There is a constant threat of personal information being stolen and falling into the wrong hands. Due to this fact, the number of potential online sales which end up being abandoned by the customer, reflects that it's time for better, bigger solutions.

The single field checkout simplifies this process by drastically shortening the time needed for checkout and increasing security, thus giving the customer a better experience.

Innovating the payment process

This is where PAYLIX comes in.

We offer an online payment alternative that allows sellers to easily integrate our advanced technology onto their site and from that point onwards, be able to accept payments from their customers using our online currency, otherwise known as LIX Coins. Either users or customers can then decide if they want to receive the value of the coin at the time of the transaction or later on, and thus wait to profit from the appreciation of the currency. Converting the LIX can be done at any time through Paylix, therefore offering maximum flexibility for the seller.

User incentives

Buy more, get more!

In addition to our innovative and user-friendly solutions, Paylix makes sure that both customers and sellers will be given an incentive for using the currency by adding an additional percentage to their wallet. For example, if the customer wants to purchase an item that costs $100 the seller will receive $105, while the customer will accumulate more coins plus a percentage according to the number of purchases made. Paylix - Revolutionizing the World of E-Commerce!

Join the Revolution!

We are ready to take you into the 21st century of e-commerce!