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Potential Monthly Earnings are based on $150 spent monthly by each user and a 0.25% commission.

Potential Monthly Earnings are based on 2% conversion & 0.25% commission.

Recruiting Merchants

Do you have the right contacts and the skills necessary to properly represent and promote the Paylix platform to online businesses? If so, we will reward you generously. Paylix gives you the chance to earn a steady income with ease. Once you’ve recruited new merchants, you can earn from them for as long as they continue using our technologies.

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Online Shop Owners

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As a site owner, the two most important things are conversion rate and ROI (Return On Investment). Paylix can help you improve both of them!

First, our single field checkout process will dramatically increase your conversion rate, as we eliminate the unnecessary traditional & old fashioned checkout process which includes 15 fields on average. Those fields haven't been changed since the early days of e-commerce!

In addition, our exclusive rewards program will give you the chance to recruit new users to the Paylix App! Their purchases will earn you real money - wherever they buy online! Including your competitors.

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Potential Monthly Earnings are based on $150 spent monthly by each user and a 0.25% commission.

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