Single field checkout

Paylix brings customers and sellers together in a simplified and transparent way. Our single field checkout has created an innovative means of improving the online shopping experience.

Security is one of the biggest hurdles sellers face today. The single field checkout simplifies this process by drastically shortening the checkout process and increasing security, thus giving customers a better experience.

Lightning-fast payments

A better experience for shoppers

Enjoy a quick and easy checkout process that requires seconds to complete without putting your information at risk.

Higher profits for merchants

By creating simplicity and efficiency for the user we ensure a higher conversion rate and a significant drop in chargebacks, resulting in higher profits.

A simplified connection to the bank

A smart & secure API connection will assure that merchant integration will be smooth and efficient, improving the KYC process.

Bringing the future into the present

PAYLIX App finally puts you in control!

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing and PAYLIX is at the forefront during these exciting times. We are proud to offer a new online payment solution that greatly improves your online shopping experience.

When making transactions you will be given control to verify, review and ensure the security of your information all through your smartphone. No more outdated and unreliable online checkouts.

With PAYLIX all your information is kept safe thanks to our advanced Secure Fingerprint and face Recognition Identification (S.F.R.I) Technologies. This results in giving customers what they want: peace of mind.

Control your payments

Transparent view for the shoppers

Enjoy total transparency by monitoring all your online purchases and receipts in the PAYLIX App.

Fraud reduction

All transactions require a verification process that ensures no one else can use your account. This eliminates the chance of fraud and provides a safer way of doing business.

Increase in revenues

Fewer bounce rates and an increase in sales will result in more revenues for the banks, merchants and sellers.

Secure Vault

Identity protection for the shoppers

One secured location for your credit card and personal information means that only you can complete a payment. All online transactions require a fingerprint scan or face recognition. This means that no one can steal your identity, and provides a safe and simplified buying experience.

Safety insurance for the merchant

Safety is vital for merchants as well as customers. Our strict purchasing requirements eliminate any risks for the merchants.

Trust & reliability for the bank

The result of improved security and safety will be a significant drop in chargebacks and penalties. Banks will be able to work with more merchants, resulting in an increase in profits for both sides.